August 21st, 2007

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Okay, the rest...

I went to Culver's. There was a wedding. It rained a lot. I took pictures. I drove back to Madison, hung out with Evan and friends. I took more pictures. My flight was delayed several hours (apparently, our original aircraft was shot down by lightning, so they had to send another one), I wasted $7 buying internet.

I caught a cold.

So, it was a good trip, it was a bad trip, and now I'm hoping this cold blows over, and quick-like. I slept all day yesterday (pretty much) and now it feels better, at least slightly.
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I now have a Facebook account, and it's lonely and all alone.

So y'all must friend me immediately. If you don't have a Facebook account, get on there and get one and then friend me. Bucky demands it.
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Pictures From Wisconsin

Because I know you guys have been just dying to see them, I've now uploaded the pictures from my trip to Wisconsin, including wedding pictures, and, well, other stuff, including the adventures of Bucky-chan (click through for the whole set!)

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