July 23rd, 2007


Roxborough State Park

A quick hike on Saturday... Well, not that quick, really, maybe four hours and eight miles or so, give or take, around Fountain Valley and up to the top of Carpenter Peak. It was incredibly hot -- I considered turning around a couple times, not because I was tired, but because I was worried about heat exhaustion. And this in the morning -- from now on, no long hikes down on the edge of the plains here until the heat breaks.

Anyway, took a bunch of pictures (as usual, click through for the rest):

Fountain Valley from the Lyon's Overlook:


Mount Sherman

Climbed Mountain Sherman Sunday, my eleventh fourteener, and the last of the "easy" ones. It also completes the Tenmile-Mosquito Range collection (Quandary, Lincoln, Democrat, Bross, and Sherman). I've yet to complete the Front Range collection, but only Longs Peak remains (I've already bagged Pikes, Evans, Bierstadt, Grays and Torreys. Longs, however, is a moderately scary mountain to climb, so we'll see about that). That leaves one other fourteener that I've summited -- Princeton, in the Sawatch Range, hopefully to be joined by Elbert this weekend. Elbert may be my last fourteener this summer, though, but if not, perhaps Massive as well. We'll see.

Anyway, took us about six hours, but we summited in about three, so we were lolligagging pretty badly on the way back, perhaps because we were distracted by pretty wildflowers or something. Round trip was about 5.25 miles, with a vertical gain of about 2,000 feet to an altitude of 14,043 feet.

The weather was pretty decent, not hot like Bierstadt, nor as windy as Evans. It didn't even cloud up too badly before we left, which was good, because we didn't get started at the trailhead until eight, which was late enough to make me a bit worried about the weather holding (we'll have to do much better next week if we plan to summit Elbert). That said, after karaoke on Saturday and everything, I only got three hours of sleep, so I was pretty tired yesterday.

Anyway, pictures were (of course) taken, and here they are (usual click through for the rest, blah, blah)...

Me (check out my spiffy new shell jacket!), on the ridge on the side of Mount Sherman: