June 29th, 2007


Need New Plans

Well, looks like Fuji-Yoshida might not happen, because of the freakin' 祭り there isn't a room to be had anywhere in the area. Argh.

So it's looking more and more like I'll have to make alternate plans of some sort. It's possible I may end up canceling Fuji-san altogether, but we'll see.
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Okay, reservations have been made, so Fuji-Yoshida is back on.

Unfortunately, I had to pay for a double room (since, well, absolutely everything else was full, costing me about double what I'd probably pay normally), and don't get my own shower or bathroom or anything, just the common faux onsen. Which I'd be more excited about if it wasn't my first time in an onsen (faux or otherwise), but okay. It'll probably be fun.

An eye (not like Sauron's, the good kind) is being kept out for possible better lodging, in case of cancellations and the like... But this is good enough, even if I'd take something better.

So, the first part of the trip is all set (and reservations have been made):

-- 23 Aug (Thu): Depart Denver (8:30A).
-- 24 Aug (Fri): Arrive Narita (2:55P) - night in Uguisudani (the same place I stayed in before, right next to the station).
-- 25 Aug (Sat): Wander around Tokyo, adjust to jet lag, another night in Uguisudani.
-- 26 Aug (Sun): Make way to Fuji-Yoshida very early (seven or eight in the AM, on the first or second train), explore the five lakes, see the Fire Festival (or as much as I can manage before I collapse), spend night in Fuji-Yoshida. My luggage (minus backpack, hiking gear, and minimal other supplies) stays in Tokyo, either to be shipped to Yokohama, or left with my Japanese friend and roommate in Yokohama (if it turns out he can easily carry it, which we don't know yet).
-- 27 Aug (Mon): Endless death march -- I mean, climb up Fuji-san, starting at approximately dawn from Fuji-Yoshida. Spend night in hut somewhere around 8th station (okay, I haven't yet made this reservation, but probably will sometime next month).
-- 28 Aug (Tue): Watch sunrise on Fuji-san. Descend. Make way to Yokohama, first night in Yokohama; beginning of WorldCon for all intents and purposes.

The rest hasn't really changed, but no reservations past WorldCon have yet been made, either.
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kanji diagram

Words Are Wordy

So, here I am, passing on seeing the Women's Pajama Pillow Fight Championships (it's not too late, you say? Oh, yes it is. Yes it is), studying vocabulary instead. Woo. Well. Yeah.

僅か 「わずか」 - only, merely, little
代える 「かえる」 - change (money)
終える 「おえる」 - finish
決定 「けってい」 - decide
打つ 「うつ」 - hit, strike
生きる 「いきる」 - live, exist
利用 「りよう」 - use, application
番組 「ばんぐみ」 - program (TV)
技術 「ぎじゅつ」 - art, technique
点く 「つく」 - be lighted
最後 「さいご」 - last, end, conclusion
活動 「かつどう」 - action, activity
期待 「きたい」 - expectation, hope
完全 「かんぜん」 - perfection, completeness
生む 「うむ」 - give birth
参加 「さんか」 - participate
葉 「は」 - leaf
弟 「おとうと」 - younger brother
兄 「あに」 - older brother
消える 「きえる」 - go out, disappear

Well, there things are.
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