June 17th, 2007

us soccer

USA 2, Panama 1

Watched the game on DVR delay.

I think they looked a bit sloppy (they gave up a couple of chances due to poor defensive play, including the one goal), but they also fairly clearly outclassed the Panamanian team, so won anyway.

Against a world-class team, though, those mistakes would have sunk them. They can't keep making those mistakes and expect to win the tournament here, either (but then, even at the best of times, CONCACAF only has two or three world-class teams). I guess we'll see how it goes.

Next game is against Canada on Thursday.
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A Brief RMSS Report (With Pictures)

Went up Thursday and Friday nights (came back for a meeting-type thing on Saturday). Still tired; stayed up late, you know, for the astronomy thing, and got woken up early by the boy scouts that camped right behind me. Would have been tired anyway; even in the shade it gets too hot to sleep in a tent after about nine or ten this time of year, but. Was going to get up early this morning to go hiking -- obviously, that didn't happen. Might go later today, might not, depending on the afternoon/evening weather (wouldn't want to go until it cools off some).

Anyway, the good: not as dry as previous years, so the wildflowers were back in reasonably spectacular form (the drought is pretty obviously over). Weather was nice -- could have actually used more rain than we got, maybe (we got a few drops, and that was about it), to keep the dust down and such. Saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in a while (I missed last year due to a wedding). And it's always nice to go up into the mountains for a couple days.

The bad: both nights were hazy and next to worthless for actual observing (apparently it got better by 2AM Saturday night, but I'd already gone to bed, and apparently the dew/frost was particularly bad by then). It was way too crowded this year -- apparently the forest service moved us to a much smaller site, and we weren't allowed to park off the road, so everybody was jammed together, and the dust was particularly bad. And, of course, the boy scouts set up right behind me.

Anyway, took pictures (follow the link for the whole set):

My car, it collect the dust:

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Sentences 8

Sentences patterns. Broken examples. More of the usual. I sorta got these down already, or I might if I ever used them, which I pretty much don't. At least the not-as-polite forms.

N1 は N2 に N3 をあげます。 -> N1 gives N3 to N2. [N2 is never speaker/speaker's group.]

N1 は N2 に N3 をさしあげます。 -> Same as above, used when giving to superior.

N1 は N2 に N3 をやります。 -> Same as above, used when giving to inferior, or waters plants.

N1 は N2 から N3 をもらいます。 -> N1 receives N3 from N2. [N2 is never speaker/etc.]

N1 は N2 に N3 をもらいます。 -> Same as above.

N1 は N2 に N3 をいただきます。 -> Same as above, used when receiving from superior.

N1 は N2 に N3 をくれます。 -> N1 gives N3 to N2. [N2 is speaker/etc.]

N1 は N2 に N3 をくださいます。 -> Same as above, used when person giving is superior.

N1 は N2 に V-て あげます。 -> N1 does V for N2. [N2 is not speaker/etc.]

N1 は N2 に V-て もらいます。 -> N1 has V done for them by N2. [N2 is not speaker/etc.]

N1 は N2 から V-て もらいます。 -> Same as above.

N1 は N2 に V-て くれます。 -> Ni does V for N2 [N2 is speaker/etc.]

Um, those are some weird sentences.