June 4th, 2007


中国 (外国違うね)

So. I was thinking I wanted to take Chinese this fall.

It looks like the two options would be Arapahoe Community College or Metro State (actually UCD, but I don't actually know what the difference is, so I don't know what that means). Red Rocks Community College would be good, too, being right here, except no Chinese.

So, let's look at the schedule... Let's see, leaving for Japan sometime around, oh, August 22nd, give or take a couple days. Classes start, hmmm, August 20th. Both places.

Crap, say I. That's not very convenient.

Must ponder.
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Driving, Diving, Driving

Well, ordered two new laptop drives from NewEgg, a 120GB and a 160GB.

If the Windows laptop doesn't melt down within a week or two (and since Saturday, it's shown no signs of doing so), I'll go ahead and swap that drive out and do a fresh install of everything at that point. Otherwise, it's ready just in case.

The Mac I'll probably upgrade more or less right away. It'll be getting the 160GB.

Eh, money I didn't want to be spending, but I guess it was time.

Fixing the keyboard on the PowerBook? Well, that's just due to stupidity on my part. I guess I'll probably take it into an Apple store on Thursday to have somebody look at it.

I like how this mood is a smiley face.
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