June 3rd, 2007

warning: memetic hazard

Seven Deadly Things

Okay, therinth tagged me. And considering that this is the second time I've intended to do this, but didn't the first time (this thing's been going around for months, if not years), what the hell.


The Rules: Screw the rules. You get 7 random things about me, and I'm not tagging anybody, cuz I just don't do that. So deal. :-P

1. The hospital I was born at is in a different state than the state I was born in.

2. I got my first car at age 26. I got my first driver's license a couple weeks earlier, when I was 25. I still drive the same car.

3. I've seen one baseball game in New York City. That game was the Pine Tar Game. We were directly behind the visitor's dug-out, on the third base side.

4. I've been to every state in the United States except four -- Florida, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. However, in the case of Maine, we only drove as far as the "Welcome to Maine" sign, took pictures of it, and left (this was on the same trip that I saw the Pine Tar Game). I'd like to go back and visit Acadia National Park someday, though.

5. I've never fired a gun. However, I have Japanese friends who have. (I've never owned a gun, either.)

6. I've been to a karaoke booth three times in my life, twice in Japan. Each time, I've sung Aqua's Barbie Girl. Twice, in Japan, I sang both parts. The other time I just sang Ken's part. (Considering how much I like singing in the car -- probably to my friends' annoyance -- it's probably no surprise that I really like karaoke booths, too.)

7. For as long as I can remember, my favorite piece of classical music has been the suite from Stravinsky's Firebird. It was also the last piece of music I ever saw my dad perform, at the Kansas City Civic Orchestra's 40th anniversary concert in 1999. He played viola.
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Sentences 7

More sentences, more highly contrived examples. Finally getting to the interesting verb constructions. Good for all occasions. Except, possibly, mime conventions.

N は V-て います。 -> N is doing V.
[Basic V-て forms are actually kinda complicated. I'm going to skip all but the simplest version here.]

N は V1-て V2-て V3-ます。 -> N does V1, V2, and V3.

N は V1-てから V2-ます。 -> N does V2 after V1.

N は V1 前に V2-ます。 -> N does V2 before V1.

V-て ください。 -> Please do V.

V-ない でください。 -> Please don't do V.

V-て くださいませんか。 -> Would you please do V?

V-て いただきませんか。 -> Would you mind doing V?

V-て ほしいです。 -> I want V.

V-て ほしいんですが。 -> I'd like to have V.

V-て もいいですか。 -> Is it okay to do V?

V-て もかまいませんか。 -> Do you mind if [I] do V?

V-て はいけません。 -> You shouldn't do V.

V-て はだめです。 -> You can't do V.

Well, those sentences probably said something or other.
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kanji diagram


More random vocabulary. Kinda using the 散弾銃 approach here. Yes, that was in a song lyric. Also something about a revengeful lobster. I'm sure there are people here who know the song.

求める 「もとめる」 - demand, request
形 「かたち」 - form, shape
生活 「せいかつ」 - living
決める 「きめる」 - decide, choose
調査 「ちょうさ」 - investigate
大切 「たいせつ」 - important
示す 「しめす」 - show, point out
特別 「とくべつ」 - special
協力 「きょうりょく」 - cooperate
予定 「よてい」 - plans, arrangement
大人 「おとな」 - adult
横 「よこ」 - beside, side, width
安全 「あんぜん」 - safe
受ける 「うける」 - accept
先ず 「まず」 - first of all
置く 「おく」 - put
終わる 「おわる」 - finish
起きる 「おきる」 - wake up
改革 「かいかく」 - reform
自由 「じゆう」 - freedom
勧め 「すすめ」 - recommend
得る 「える」 - get
動く 「うごく」 - go, move, work
研究 「けんきゅう」 - research
発表 「はっぴょう」 - announce, publish
反対 「はんたい」 - oppose
客 「きゃく」 - customer
彼 「かれ」 - he, boyfriend