June 2nd, 2007

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No Boom? No Boom Today. Boom Tomorrow! Always A Boom Tomorrow.

So... After letting my laptop contemplate its sins overnight, it actually booted this morning. In safe mode, then in the normal kind.

So, not only did it allow me to copy off all of my files, it sorta kinda still works, too. Maybe. I haven't really pushed it, though, and right now, it's doing a full suite of disk checks on itself before I try any new tricks with it.

Either way, I no longer trust the drive, so I'll probably be ordering a bigger one Monday, when I gets paid again and I'm not worried about potentially bottoming out the bank account (hard to say, on that point, given that I don't have access to Quicken at this exact moment, what with it doing the full disk checks and all. I think I'd be okay right now, but...) I'll probably grab one for my Mac, too, since 120GB 2.5" drives seem to run for pretty cheap these days, and it looks like you can get a 2.5" external enclosure with USB for $10 or so. Which even makes it practical.

Annoying that I'm spending the money on this right now, but it could be a lot worse.

Considering the horrendous crunching noises the disk made last night, though, it's pretty astounding that the sucker's doing anything right now.
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Sentences 6

More basic verb sentences, this time with particulates in the solution. As it were.

N は V-ます。 -> N does V.

N も V-ます。 -> N also does V.

N は V-ます か。 -> Does N do V?

N は V-ません。 -> N doesn't do V.

N は V-ました。 -> N did V.

N1 は N2 に V-ます。 -> N1 does V at N2 [time].

N1 は N2 へ V-ます。 -> N1 goes [V] to N2.

N1 は N2 に V-ます。 -> N1 goes [V] to N2.

N1 は N2 に N3 へ V-ます。 -> N1 goes [V] to N3 at N2 [time].

N1 は N2 に N3 に V-ます。 -> N1 goes [V] to N3 at N2 [time].

N1 は N2 を V-ます。 -> N1 does V to N2.

N1 は N2 で N3 を V-ます。 -> N1 does V to N3 at N2 [place].

N1 は N2 に N3 で N4 を V-ます。 -> N1 does V to N4 at N3 [place] at N2 [time].

N1 は N2 を N3 に V-ます。 -> N1 does V to N2 at N3 [time].

Woo. Yay. Woo some more.
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kanji diagram


Yay, time for semi-random vocabulary.

作る 「つくる」 - make
使う 「つかう」 - use (I always forget these)
約 「やく」 - approximately
行う 「おこなう」 - do, carry out
かかる - spend (time, money)
かける - wear, sit, call, turn on, pour, yadda, yadda, yadda
代表 「だいひょう」 - represent, delegate
続く 「つづく」 - continue, go on [intransitive]
続ける 「つづける」 - continue, keep going [transitive]
政治 「せいじ」 - politics, government
外 「そと」 - outside; 「ほか」 - other place, the rest
空く 「あく」 - be open
しまう - be closed
関係 「かんけい」 - connection
世界 「せかい」 - world, society
既に 「すでに」 - already
全て 「すべて」 - all, entirely
国際 「こくさい」 - international
必要 「ひつよう」 - necessary
取る 「とる」 - take, pick up
女性 「じょせい」 - woman
式 「しき」 - equation, ceremony, style
明らか 「あきらか」 - obvious
開く 「ひらく」 - open (account, festival)
場合 「ばあい」 - case, situation
社会 「しゃかい」 - society, public
強い 「つよい」 - strong
弱い 「よわい」 - weak
時代 「じだい」 - period, era
経済 「けいざい」 - economics, finance
計画 「けいかく」 - plan