March 23rd, 2007


九日: It's Always Darkest... Well, Actually, It's Dark All The Time

First, the annoying things:

Shut down the trains again. This time, though, we'd made it all the way back to Ueno station, so it was a bit less than a 1000円 cab fare, so not really a big deal. Much more annoying -- lost my glasses, so I'm stuck wearing my sunglass now all the time. That bothers me, because, well, sometimes it's dark (although, this is Tokyo, so not all that dark), and, well, they look stupid at night. Also, now I have to replace them when I get back. Feh.

We wasted a lot of time retracing my steps, even filled out a lost and found form at the police box, but had no luck whatsoever finding them. Losing glasses makes Doug a sad panda. :(

So. Got going eventually and ended up in Akihabara for the afternoon. Honestly, Akihabara doesn't have a whole lot for me, since I don't really need any electronics, and the game and anime stuff is okay, but when it gets right down to it, I don't really care about it. Funny that it was Dusty (who said before the trip he could skip it, since he'd been there before, and since I hadn't, I wanted to go) was the one who ended up buying half the town (okay, mild exaggeration) and wanted to visit everything. But the real purpose was to get Mister Dave souvenirs from Cafe with Cat (pictures forthcoming, but not of the waitstaff, unfortunately). Mission successful. [Update: picture here!]

(Also, in Dusty's unsuccessful quest to find a phone, he found the Domo-kun cellphone strap I was looking for, and another one. I couldn't decide which one to use, so now I have all three on my phone.)

So, Akihabara, we slept on the train out to Shibuya, where we visited Tokyu Hands, a slightly odd department store. And completely by accident, stubled into the Apple store there on the way back to the station, and then immediately after, I stumbled (fairly literally in this case) into these guys that apparently were the backup band for the B'z or something while trying to get around the crowd that had gathered on the sidewalk to see them. So, I guess I touched (literally) someone who was related to someone famous. Or something. Yay, me!

Anyway, we hopped back on the train to Ebisu, where we went in search of bars. Didn't find the first one we were looking for, and the second was full of Brits, so we ended up at a dart bar, where I got pretty drunk, played a round of darts, and we chatted up the girls that were bartending a bit, before we rushed back to the station just a little too late to make it all the way home. I think Ebisu is the place to be -- so far, I think it's been my favorite place in Tokyo.

And that's it, more or less. Today, Ueno and birthday.

[see photos on flickr]