March 13th, 2007

domo-kun is a viking!



...I'll be fine once I step out the door, though. But damn, I was unfocused yesterday, which for me is completely aggravating. I depend on my focus -- and normally I'm the complete opposite of ADHD. I'm a laser. Zap, zap, baby.

[Huh, I'm goofy this morning -- I blame not being able to sleep very well. Could have gotten up an hour before my alarm at 7AM if I'd felt like it. I was already awake. Haven't been this nervous about a trip since I went off to college, and for that, my dad was with me, handling the arrangements. Although I'd been to 36 states at the time, when I arrived at Rice it was the first time I'd ever been to Texas.]

The cat's taken care of, but he's going to miss me badly. He's easy to take care of, physically (not too picky about food or much else), but he's a handful psychologically. Always had a bit of separation anxiety. Ah, well, he'd hate the trip more. :/
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