February 25th, 2007


Snow. Shoes. Together Again.

Sorer than last week, not as sore as two weeks ago. Actually though last week felt a bit "light", did a much better job of wearing myself out this week. Did four hours worth (not exactly sure about the mileage), started much earlier to get a parking spot at the Glacier Gorge trailhead, as I wanted to head south(-ish) this time. Was a good hike, although I made the mistake of trying to get to The Loch, which, uh, ended up with me sliding on my ass (carefully) down a really steep slope, as I'd gotten myself stuck just short (it wasn't quite possible -- or more accurately, worth it -- to reach the lake itself). Ah, well. Hiking down the middle of the gorge was fun, though.

Snow was better than two weeks ago (barely), but not nearly as good as last week. Weather was, er, not so good. Bitterly windy in places, lots of blowing snow, and parts of the route were pretty exposed (and there wasn't much base left, packed or otherwise). Although, of course, that barely matters, since that's why I pack the gear when I go -- I was comfortable enough. Roads were fine when I got there, but by the time I left, they were getting pretty iffy up near Bear Lake (and I probably shouldn't have taken the peak-to-peak highway back, either -- but I wanted to avoid the one-lane cluster-f*ck on US-36 outside of Lyons. Road conditions were slightly iffy in places up there too, lots of wind and some blowing snow).

Would have taken a picture (Alberta Falls is fairly amusing when it's a snowbank), but my camera was out of juice (more or less -- harder to get stuff working when it's cold).

Got some pine sap on my hand -- still not sure where I got it. My snowshoes? My poles? Mostly, I was worried that I'd got some in my hair (which didn't look so much wind-blown as, well, like something had been nesting in it. Looked much better once all the ice in it had melted. :) Also sported a sweet icestache at one point).

Two people actually pulled over to let me pass today on the way home. Also saw somebody doing it on the other side of the highway. I was flabbergasted -- I don't think I've ever seen anyone do that in Colorado, and three in one day? Amazing.

Also used up my free Chipotle burrito card at the one that just opened near my apartment.

I think I'm going to fall down for a bit.