February 17th, 2007



Who's going to buy me this for my birthday?

About a month away, my birthday is.
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warning: memetic hazard

Time For A Meme.

So, everyone's probably seen the "ask me a question" meme that's, well, constantly going and coming and returning and piling up the frequent flyer miles for lo these many years.

So, what the hell -- ask me a question in a comment here, and I shall answer it. Any question at all. Multiple questions allowed. I do not, however, guarantee that the answer to every question will be satisfying to the questioner in any way, just that there will be an answer.

Questions from the audience are not required, of course, but if you do not ask a question, I will never speak to you or comment on your blog ever again. Maybe. At my discretion. If I feel like it.

Get to it!
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