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Douglas Triggs
05 February 2007 @ 06:42 pm
More or less final.

13 March - Depart Denver
14 March - Arrive Narita
15 March - Arrive Tokyo
16 March - One day (night?) side trip to Yokohama
17 March - Return Tokyo
25 March - Depart Tokyo, arrive Niigata (slow train!)
26 March - Depart Niigata, arrive Akita (more slow train!)
29 March - Depart Akita, arrive Tokyo/Narita, depart Narita
29 March - Arrive Denver, 34 minutes after leaving Narita :)

So, one night Narita. One night Tokyo. One night Yokohama. Then, eight nights in Tokyo. One night Niigata. Three nights Akita.

Notable events in Tokyo:

18 March - Nippon2007 staff meeting. Where I guess I'll be a (non-Japanese-speaking) fly on the wall.
19 March - Dusty arrives. Woo!
23 March - Birthday party!

So, on the 15th I'll probably see the Narita aircraft museum. And maybe Akihabara. But whatever. I'll try to maybe hit Asakusa on the 15th or 16th.

Dusty and I will hit the museum district in Ueno. Also have to take at least one trip around the Yamanote line, and maybe hit a maid cafe (not because we want to go so much as to make the people who care about such things jealous. Oh, the irony). Other than that, dunno, but I'm sure it'll be fun.

When in Yokohama, might hit Kamakura.

When in Akita, will have to at least hit Kakunodate for one day. Go hiking. See the old town. Dunno for sure about the rest.

But ultimately, just being in Japan will be interesting. Anything else will be bonus.

Still need to make hotel reservations, but the schedule was only really finalized today. Need to get a JR (East?) pass. Got passport. Got plane tickets. Got some omiyage, probably need to get more. Should take care of a few things before I go (probably need to buy some clothes like I do every couple of years, since I'm starting to wear down my wardrobe again, it's about time to get new glasses, and I should probably also replace my wallet, which is falling apart).

Oh, secret message to Evan: poke, poke.
In the mood: busy