January 21st, 2007

domo-kun is a viking!

More Snow.

Like clockwork. Every eight days. Heck, the long-range weather forecasts even predict snow for next Monday, instead of the usual "perpetually like three days from now unto the infinite future" weather forecast that they always -- always -- make here in Colorado.

(But at least this time it won't stay below zero, so the roads will be clear within a day or so.)

I love snow! Love it! Love it! *cries*
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kanji diagram


I'm skipping the honorific stuff. I know I totally suck at it, but it's just a bunch of vocabulary (mostly), not grammar, really, and I'm doing grammar here. Vocabulary stuff I'm doing elsewhere (I've almost built my dictionary up through JLPT level 3, which is good enough for now -- probably post something about that in a couple days, since I hope to be done with that soon, soon, soon -- I'll worry about adding in the JLPT level 2 words in after I finish the drill programs and such). Anyway stick an お or ご on it, and add になる or する if it's a verb. Onward:

X + 方 「ほう」 + が + Y + より ~: "X is more ~ than Y" Use V-う, Adj-い, Na-Adj + な, N + の
一番 「いちばん」 ~: "~est", "most ~"
V-ない + で: "without doing whatever", "instead of doing whatever"
V-ます - ます + 始める 「はじめる」: "begin to do whatever", "begin to be whatever"
V-ます - ます + 終わる 「おわる」: "finish doing whatever"
V-ます - ます + 過ぎる 「すぎる」, Adj-い - い + すぎる: "be too whatver"
V-ます - ます + 方 「かた」: "how to do whatever" [note exciting additional pronunciation of 方] generally by の'ing it.

Blah, blah, blah:

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Bears-Colts. Cool.

Although, I didn't really care who won the Bears-Saints game, as long as New England lost. It's kinda funny that Dungy is the only the second black coach in the Super Bowl -- but only because the AFC championship was played after the NFC championship today. That's pretty cool.
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