January 11th, 2007



So, it's time for our weekly snowstorm.

Only this time, it seems we aren't going to get a snowstorm, exactly. So, I ask myself, what could be even better than a snowstorm?

"Self, what could be even better than a snowstorm?"

"Better than a snowstorm, you ask? How about freezing rain? Freezing rain is teh AWESOME."

However, it seems that we'll be averting that fate, instead we have freezing fog. Sweet. I guess that's better than freezing rain. I think. Anyway, looks like me ole' boyhood home of Kansas City is gonna get teh awesomeness instead of us. Which, honestly, is much more "normal." Ice storm in Colorado? Fairly odd. Ice storm in Kansas City? Happens every few years, or at least it did when I lived there (and once, teh awesomeness followed me to Houston, where it killed all the palm trees. Sweet!)

Anyway, my car's already covered with ice, but maybe I can actually make it in to get the bumper fixed tomorrow.

I'm also thinking that I should have a "hey, we didn't have a storm this week!" party at some point. Like, when we actually have a week without any sort of winter storm. Like that will ever happen.
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