January 9th, 2007


Geostationary Banana Over Texas

Of the many, many words in the English language, none seem quite appropriate for this:


Update: No, I hadn't noticed that james_nicoll had already posted it, too. I got it in email last week, tortured a few IM buddies with it, but have otherwise been way behind on my LJ reading lately. And it's unlikely I'll be caught up in the next few days, either.
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Pictures I Should Do Something With...

...And other related things I should do.

I should do something will all the pictures I took in Arizona, Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, etc. on that trip I took down there, in, uh, 2003? It was May, I stayed in Flagstaff at a friend's house, the scorpionweed were blooming purple in nice contrast to the rocks. If only the light and angles had been better, I didn't time those very well. Either way, I have a ton of pictures from that trip I've never done anything with, including the one I used for this icon.

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[And no, believe it or not, none of these photos had the gamma, color, or anything else corrected. Just scaled and cropped. This is how my camera captured them, even if Laurel thinks they totally look fake.]

I've been thinking about re-doing my web pages, too. Although I probably won't bother with my actual home page, maybe with my other web page. Now that I'm fairly close to expert in CSS and all that crap. Or should I leave it as be? (I am kind of a fan of the image-centric minimalist design approach.) Any opinions?
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