December 1st, 2006


Five Stars

Okay, because amberdine made me do it, I present my list of five-star classical tracks in iTunes.

For reference, I have 2530 classical tracks (every one rated, although some ratings are more provisional than others), totaling 9.9 days and 18.16GB. Of these, only 90 tracks (or 3.6%, at 9.2 hours, 697.4MB) rated five stars:

Collapse )

Mind you, these don't completely match up with pieces that I consider favorites (although they often do, and certainly do for single-track pieces), nor is the number of tracks here necessarily representative of how much I like a composer (some composers had a few high points and then produced nothing else of any note). But there it is.

Here's a "fun" game for classical afficionados (all, er, one-and-a-half of you reading this) -- which tracks do you find most surprising? And which tracks are you most surprised didn't make the list?

Update: see here for a handful of additions to the list.
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