November 30th, 2006

zombie jesus


Sick. Tired. Another cold; doesn't seem like it will ultimately be that bad, but right now my throat's feeling pretty ripped up (cold, dry weather haven't exactly helped there, with the heat sucking whatever little moisture is left, but mostly it's the drippy sinuses that are behind it. The sort of drippy sinuses that make you think maybe you're okay because you can mostly breathe fine, except that sometimes all of a sudden you've got drippiness all over the place, and, well, there's that ripped up throat).

I haven't gotten much sleep in a couple days. So, no studying at all, and work's been a bit on slow side, progress-wise (although staying put has helped mitigate that slightly -- haven't left the apartment since Monday, although the snow would have discouraged that anyway the last couple of days. I may like snow and cold weather, but single digits and annoying cold change the situation somewhat).

Maybe I should stop being social, so that way I won't catch any more colds. And then, I could go stark, raving mad as I have only my cat to talk to (my cat's English isn't really very good, so communicating abstract concepts is pretty frustrating). Hmmm. Maybe that's not such a good plan.

Drinking lots of tea. Isn't helping.


Also, my internet is down. So I guess I'll be posting this tomorrow. Fucking Comcast.
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Why It Sucks To Be Sick

Not only did I miss 会話 (Japanese Conversation Group) this week, and not get anything done that involves me actually leaving the apartment (and there are things that really, really need to get done), but kyaathecatlord called to see if I wanted to hang out and eat and stuff, and I had to pass.

I so really, really didn't want to pass. But not passing just wasn't realistic.

Oh, well, maybe there's a movie we should go see next week or something.

Also, I crave meat for some reason.
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