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Douglas Triggs
27 November 2006 @ 08:06 pm
So, last I looked, Rice was 1-5 and clearly going nowhere.

See what happens when I stop paying attention? Now they've improved to 7-5 and are going to their first bowl in forty-five years.

Huh. Well. Cool.
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Douglas Triggs
27 November 2006 @ 08:46 pm
Passive and causitive verbs.

Type 1: -う+あれる [except true う verbs: -う+われる]
Type 2: -る+られる
Irregular: こられる, される


Direct passive: X is directly affected by Y

Indirect "suffering" passive: X is indirectly affected by Y, and is cranky about it. Even if inanimate object is involved, takes を, person affected is always は.

Type 1: -う+あせる [except true う verbs: -う+わせる]
Type 2: -る+させる
Irregular: こさせる, させる

Make-causitive: XはYをV-CAUSITIVE or XはYにOBJをV-CAUSITIVE if verb takes an object - X makes Y do something.

Let-causitive: XはYに/をV-CAUSITIVE-て+あげる/くれる/etc. - X lets/allows Y to do something.

Example sentences (okay, I'm totally copying forms from my grammar book here, this isn't quite something I can spontaneously generate on my own):

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