November 18th, 2006

kanji diagram


Time for the particle spectacular. Of course, I know a few particles, so these are some slightly more interesting usages of same.

に - indirect object
で - cause ["because of", "due to"], required time or quantity
の - equivalent ["友達のダグラス"]
も - as much as, not even [negative sentences]
と - same as, different from ["と同じです"]
や... など - "and... etc." [non-inclusive and]
から - from, since
まで - until
までに - by the time of
より - than
ほど - not as [negative sentences]
だけ - just, only [positive sentences]
しか - just, only [negative sentences]
XかYか - X or Y? [for sentences]
かどうか - whether or not [embedded question]
も... も - "both... and", "neither... nor"

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warning: existential threat


Starting to feel a desperate need for companionship -- I'm going a bit crazy from the isolation of working at home again. Not exactly sure what to do about it (throw a party? Or three?), this isn't exactly the best time of year for it (if anything, the opposite. This time of year, people do annoying family stuff. Well, it mostly annoyed me, but the upshot is, I've got nothing much to do while everyone else is busier than usual).

Blah. Bad mood. Blah, blah, blah.


March Japan trip looks like it'll just be Tokyo (and nearby places) and Akita. September trip may start with Fuji-san, then Yokohama, then Nagoya-Takayama-Chuubu-Sangaku National Park. No Hokkaidou next year (probably) or Kyoto, Osaka, or any of that. Maybe later (maybe I'll go to Daikon 7 in Osaka in 2008).

But there's nothing much else to think about for a few months; still too early to buy plane tickets, and until I do that, not much else to do, either, planning-wise.
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