November 7th, 2006



Only took a tad over a half our in my precinct (including commute, finding the polling place, etc.) Line was minimal, and I got a "number" of 121 or 122 or something (was I voter 120-something? I don't know, but it was very plausible). Nothing particularly interesting to see, everything seemed orderly (not that I expected anything, honestly, Colorado generally runs pretty clean elections, and these may even have been the same type of machines I used two years ago). I didn't even bother taking a picture of the school, even though asakiyume wanted me to. :)

I don't know if turnout was low, or if there are just less people per machine in this precinct (I voted in a different one for the last national election). There were computer-related delays in downtown Denver, but things seemed to be running smoothly out here -- I don't know why Denver had issues, though, they didn't seem to be doing anything computerized in this precinct outside of the (touchscreen) machines themselves -- apparently the delays downtown were due to voter verification delays, not the voting machines.

I didn't get a sticker. I was disappointed about that -- but they've never had stickers since I've moved to Lakewood. Oh, well.

Anyway, back to watching the skies -- there are going to be a few messes after this election, I'm sure, but we'll see how everything shakes out, and I don't expect any here, at least.
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Duh, That Was Obvious

Why Denver is having computer problems (not with the booths, but with the voter verification) -- because in Denver County, you can vote at any polling locations, so they have to look you up. In Jefferson County (where I live), you have to vote at your precinct, so they have hard-copy lists to look you up on.

I kinda knew that, but didn't put two and two together. All is explained.

Given that the county controls the process, I think the blame for Denver's voting snafus pretty much belongs to the Denver election board. And given that Denver leans heavily democrat, I don't see a lot of nefarious purpose there, just a general mess-up. I imagine they'll get it worked out next time around, or at least you'd hope they do. I don't know what effect it will have on anything -- neither the relevant congressional race or governor's race look close, but I need to dig up results for more of the races -- I do know at least one person that didn't vote because of it, though.
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