November 5th, 2006



More updates. Feeling better (did I mention I was sick? No? Well, whatever it was, flu bug, con crud, or whatnot, still tired, but otherwise now feeling more or less fine. Yay).

Watched (finally) some of the new BSG episodes. Kinda dreary, really (that show just isn't fun -- I suppose "objectively" it's pretty good, but if you don't enjoy watching it, what's the point?), but I did enjoy the rescue episode. The stunts they pulled were very cool. And even though I really, really hate the NYPD Blue camera work (especially with the special effects), it was a reasonably pretty episode, too.

Of course, now I'm looking forward to Galactica 2008 or some such, with invisible flying bikes and superkids. Won't that be awesome?

Also, more music. The eMusic account rolled over to another month, so I got my quota of tracks today, filling some holes in my collection, to the tune of about 1GB. I'm definitely not ready to absorb even more music, but I normalized, tagged, and imported everything -- and now have about 2.1 days of classical I haven't listened to or rated. And drastic measures were necessary to free up space on the PowerBook, which took a while, too. And so, because asakiyume seems to constantly demand same:

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