November 2nd, 2006



I now have a reservation at the 桜木町ワシントンホテル (Sakuragi-chou Washington Hotel). I went ahead and did a full seven days on it, at a total of approximately 70,000円 (yen) or so. Which honestly isn't that bad for that near to the heart of the Yokohama convention district (a few blocks from the Pacifico, and right next to the JR station), I guess, you pay almost as much for convention hotels in the U.S. sometimes. Of course, I've got until March 31st to change my mind, at which point they'll want money (Japanese hotels are weird that way).

Uh... Other stuff... Went to MileHiCon. Talked to some of the Denvention 3 people, officially signed up as a volunteer, etc., etc. Had a reasonable amount of fun -- they did a nice job with the Denvention party in particular.

Not much else going on. Ate too much today (had a few of the 会話 -- Japanese conversation group -- people over for dinner and such, there being no meeting this week). I feel like ass. But maybe I'm sick, my head feels kind of, er, ache-y. I dunno.

Oh, and asakiyume wanted iTunes stats, now that I've imported an obscene amount of new classical into my collection (I wouldn't say absorbed, because while it's been ripped, normalized, tagged, and imported, I haven't actually listened to any of it yet. Something to leave on in the background while I work, I guess -- I've got several days' worth). The collection has a few minor holes left, but at this point I'd say it's substantially complete. Which is good, because, uh, I don't have any space left on my PowerBook HD anymore.

Also, I need new batteries for my wireless mouse. I'm all out of AA's.

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