October 19th, 2006

apple basic

Mac Needs Bits

So, I've been idly thinking about getting a new drive for my 12" PowerBook. Cuz, well, I'm almost out of space on it again. Occasionally I'll delete stuff to make room, but eventually I won't be able to do that anymore -- and my music collection won't fit. Waaa. The horror.

Of course, looks like 160GB laptop drives are under $200 these days. So I suppose I could just go buy one. But there's the issue of moving the data over. Which, uh, would be more difficult. I guess I could just wander into an Apple store and say "I've got this here 160GB drive, and this here PowerBook, how much to install it and copy the data over?"

But I dunno.

Any ideas?
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So, somebody's trying to talk me into it.

I don't think so, though. I don't write. Plus, busy.

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kanji diagram


V-stem + やすい - something is easy - 易しい!
V-stem + にくい - something is hard - 難しい!

Just a few words:

理由 「りゆう」 - reason
使う 「つかう」 - use
大学院 「だいがくいん」 - graduate school
歩いて 「あるいて」 - on foot




Well, there's another word to remember, anyway:

進む 「すすむ」 - improve
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