October 8th, 2006


Nan Desu Kan

Back. Actually, been back for several hours, but took a nap.

Didn't watch any anime whatoever this year (the random cartoon network stuff on TV when hanging out in the hotel room doesn't count). Nor make a single panel. Time was spent (roughly equally) between hanging out and watching Doramas.

Things I'm interested in seeing the rest of:

Attention Please
My Boss, My Hero (okay, Hamano, not everything you recommend is crap, this was definitely my favorite show of the weekend)

Things that were blah:

Taiyou no Uta
Okusama wa Majo
Gal Circle (but, Hamano, some of the stuff you recommend actually is crap :-P)

A couple interesting movies:

Samurai Fiction
You Shoot, I Shoot.

I'm kinda lukewarm on Shimokita Sundays. Maybe. It didn't really grab me, and the fansubs were pretty lousy.

Anyway, Kyaa, you should make sure Rich sees 下妻物語/Kamikaze Girls. Just sayin'.
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Well. Haven't watched my recording of it yet, but that sounded ugly. Shouldn't have been that close -- or maybe Leinart actually is pretty good.
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