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Douglas Triggs
04 October 2006 @ 08:41 pm
Well, I already knew that the DVR comcast supplies is a POS, but mostly it works okay. Mostly. If you don't count the unresponsiveness when watching live TV. And the fact that it completely ignores your series preferences for how many episodes to keep before deleting them and suchlike.

Of course, it also completely failed to record the premiers of Veronica Mars and Lost, despite programming to the contrary. And also just stops recording new stuff sometimes for no reason.

Argh. At least I can grab stuff off the iTunes store or, ahem, elsewhere.

That being the nice thing about iTunes, now that the resolution doesn't suck ass. Catching up on stuff. Which is what I did for the first episode of Heroes and Jericho, which I also missed -- but at least that was because I didn't know they were coming and didn't program the damned POS DVR.

Not that Dish's DVR was noticably better.
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