September 21st, 2006


Progress Marches On...

So, about a year ago, maybe a year and a half ago, I bought some media (I could go back through my records and find out for when, exactly, but it's not really worth it. I think I may have posted something about it in LJ, and certainly Quicken could tell me. But. Not worth the effort).

Anyway, back then, I bought 50 DVD-R discs for $0.40 each. I thought about getting dual layer DVD+R discs, but at the time, they cost $8 a pop, which would have been completely silly.

It's still fairly silly to buy dual layer DVD+R discs, although the price has gone down to about $2.67 a pop -- or at least that's what I paid for a small spool. Although the DVD-R (single layer) discs (another 50) cost me about $0.26 each this time around. That's almost as cheap as CD-R discs.

I suppose in a year or two, I'll be buying nothing but dual layer DVD+Rs, but for me, the price needs to drop under $1 each before the convenience of having an extra 4GB per disc outweighs pure GB/dollar considerations.
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And Now For Comments

I think the test is significantly harder than I expected it would be, and I'm actually happy about that -- I was worried it would be too easy, but a test like this should be hard. And with that, here's what a perfect score looks like:

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Oh, also, I ordered an iPod. 80GB. Black. Engraved:

Doug's iPod II
(now with 300% more bits)
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