September 20th, 2006


Because Most Likely No One Is Remotely Interested

Current official reckoning of the music library: 5791 tracks, 22.2 days, 25.89GB.

That's about 5GB larger than, say, nine months ago, mostly due to new classical which has grown by over 3.5GB alone, for about 40% of the total library at this point. I am, however, probably done buying more than the occasional classical CD -- at some point in the near future I'll probably get an eMusic account and start buying them on a track-by-track basis to fill holes in my library.

Also, I have a cold.

Still haven't bought a new iPod.

[+3, -39, II-27N, I-09D, I-08E]
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    Nine Days - Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)


...Typoing poor Max Planck's name down there, and upon consultation with amberdine, we have decided there totally needs to be an OKCupid "so, can you properly spell these physicists' names right" test.
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    J. Strauss Sr. - Radetzky March