September 12th, 2006


I Like This Bit...

...Even though I should probably be sleeping.

I went a little crazy with the new classical CDs recently. I've got maybe 45-50 hours of new stuff to listen to and import into my MP3 library. My speakers ought to be busy for a wee bit.
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apple basic


...Am I lusting after an 8GB iPod Nano, or the new 80GB iPod? I barely use the old 20GB iPod I have (although I'm sure I'd use it a lot more if I had a car stereo with an iPod dock. Hmmm. I wonder how much something like that would cost?)

[+3, -39, II-27N, I-09D, I-08E]
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apple basic


...And ye shall find. Or something.

I think I found it... Upgrade my Alpine to this $199 unit, sell my old one to my friend (who can't play MP3 CDs right now, just normal audio discs) for a steep discount, everybody wins.

As best I can tell, it's almost the same receiver as I have now, with a couple minor feature upgrades, and most importantly, a USB connection to the iPod, so you can play and control the iPod from the deck.
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Classical Music And Dad

About a year and a half ago, before his grand year-long bicycle trip across Europe, dad came to visit me here in Colorado. One of the things I did while he was here was pick his brains on classical music, making a long list of pieces and composers to look for (we also went on a shopping expedition for classical CDs).

I'm so very, very glad I did it then, because it's obviously something that I couldn't do now.

Classical was the only kind of music my dad ever listened to for pretty much his whole life. And really, it was a big part of his life. He played viola in the Kansas City Civic orchestra for many years. He also played violoncello (cello to you and me) in another amateur orchestra in Shawnee Mission (the name escapes me right now -- the Civic Orchestra was bigger and much better known), and I think he may have played both in the local Austin amateur orchestra during the few years he lived down there. He also played the piano off and on, and also violin (although just Irish jigs and the like on that). And, of course, he spent a lot of time just listening.

So, when I had a question about classical music (or our family tree, which he spent years working out), he was the person I'd call up and ask. The geneological information still exists, since all of that he recorded -- that classical music knowledge, not so much.

I've always liked classical music -- not as much as other music perhaps, but quite a bit. I grew up with it around the house, since dad often played it, and I grew up going to see dad play in concerts (and not just that, I often went to the practices and read books or did homework or whatever while they practiced, since as he was a single parent most of my life, it was often easiest just to bring me along). But, despite all of that, while a huge number of classical pieces are familiar to me (as they are to a lot of people, from background music for movies and commercials if nothing else), I never really knew who wrote them or what they were a lot of the time. So, when dad was here, I took the time to make a long list of things to go look for, especially as I wanted to start rounding out that part of my music collection about then.

Since then, I've acquired quite a lot of classical music in my music collection (to the tune of about 10GB of MP3s at 192kbps, or 100 CDs or so, although maybe a fifth of that I'd had much longer), so that it's now about half of the total music I own (by storage).

It's possibly the strongest connection I still have with my dad, although perhaps a bittersweet one. I don't think I quite enjoy the music as much as I would have if he were still here to listen along.
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