August 26th, 2006


Rumors From Anaheim

Yes, I'm a chump. I paid for wireless in the convention center, but you know, you do get bored when you're working tables after a while.

Denver won the bid for 2008. By 12 votes. On the third ballot. The closest vote in recent memory (ever? I don't know, I'd have to look it up). I'm not sure what to think about this -- I voted for Denver (it's in my back yard, after all), but I'm almost regretting it, since this means I'll probably be busy working it when it comes around in two years. Maybe it'll be practice for Kansas City in 2009, at which point I can burn out and never work at a WorldCon again (been working quite a bit at this one for Kansas City and Nippon2007 -- it's been fun, but it's also a new experience for me, and, as an unskilled minion without any responsibilities to speak of, easy).

So... おめでとう、デンバー. Too bad for you. Us. Whoever.

Oh, well, you win some and lose some when you win some.

Anyway, need to go upgrade my membership to attending; I hear they're all set up to handle it now. May or may not post more updates before I get back in a few days here (you know it's a big convention when you were already exhausted before the convention even started -- and that was five days ago).
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