July 8th, 2006

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Ich bin ein bisschen krank und sehr müde.

The cold's mostly gone, with some messy leftoverness, but I've been pretty zoned these last couple of days. Including another twelve-hour sleep, which is just way too much.

Need to finish kicking this so I can get back to hiking and suchlike. I guess it's good that the weather's been iffy, it's only appropriate that it matches my sinuses.
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Head Coach

Screwing around with the game today.

A couple comments:

I was almost expecting the scouting director to be saying "fuck you, coach" by the end of the draft. He really takes the selection process personally -- too bad I was going to fire him next year anyway.

When you read one of those quotes that keeps displaying when stuff is loaded as "it's not if you get knocked down, it's if you get knocked up" it's probably time for bed.
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