July 4th, 2006



With no help from the cold, I've been physically and mentally (not to mention emotionally) exhausted the last couple of days. It would have been nice to spend more time with the relatives and such, but under the circumstances it was more miserable than fun.

Of course, there was an incident involving my brother which I'm pissed about which is pretty damned typical of the things that sometimes happen because of his damned stubborn pride. And the fact that I only got his call when I was too damned tired to do anything about it (and bloody well needed more sleep to get home safely) didn't help, and couldn't get ahold of him to do anything about it by the time I was conscious.

Speaking of which, the drive back totally f*cking sucked. I was so tired I had to constantly keep stopping during the first stretch, and seriously considered just getting a hotel and crashing when I was barely farther than Topeka. I'd been chugging obscene amounts of caffeine at every stop, but it was having no effect whatsoever, and I ended up stopping at the first rest stop after Topeka to nap (a fitful one at best, for maybe a half-hour or something, I wasn't really paying that much attention to the clock). I didn't get anything that could be described as restful sleep, but it was enough to keep going, although I had to stop at every other rest stop or so to deal with the after-effects of all that caffeine, and was seriously jittery by the time I stopped for dinner (although still pretty damned tired), maybe four or five hours later. (Also, lots of stops for nose-blowing, which is a little tricky while driving. Went through a sizable pile of tissues today.)

And then, for the last two hundred miles, it was storming the whole way. Dumping buckets. Which were coming down sideways, what with the wind and all. It was hydroplan-tastic! I've generally had way more fun not doing that. And, as usual, CDOT had helpful signs warning of possible standing water after I'd already found some on my own, although this time I didn't end up spinning off the freeway at 85MPH like I did with the black ice some years back. I was kinda expecting it, what with the buckets and all.

I did catch some fireworks (not counting all the lightning which probably cancelled everything east of Denver), although not on the hill like in previous years -- besides being late, I was -- am -- much too tired. It was probably pretty wet up there anyway. On the bright side, it's very entertaining to drive on the freeway through downtown Denver when there are fireworks displays going off more or less directly overhead. Ask me how I know.
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