June 13th, 2006


John William Triggs

July 21st 1940 - June 9th, 2006


It's official -- the prints from the house matched the partial from the body. No one is at all surprised, though. I've been on the phone all morning, and at this point I think I'm going to turn the damned thing off for a while, or leave it and go for a hike to clear my head. It's out of juice anyway. I also need to go out and get some food for both me and the cat.

At any rate, enough decisions have been made for the moment (tentative times for service, how arrangements should be handled, etc.). It looks like I'll be sticking around until I leave for Houston for my friend's wedding. After that I'm most likely going to drive to Kansas City and stay until the service that weekend (I'm sending you an email, Paula).
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