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Douglas Triggs
24 May 2006 @ 02:26 pm
Because I was a lazy bastard, I didn't make my reservation for the con this weekend until today (also, because I hadn't quite worked out when I was showing up, etc.) Which was kind of stupid, because now I'm on the hook for an extra $84 (plus tax, call it $100) because the hotel wouldn't give me the con rate anymore. Bastids.

All things considered, if the trip ends up costing much under $800 -- including gas, food, and various other incidental expenses -- it'll be a miracle, and we're just talking going to Kansas City and the (bulk of) five days. Ah, well, that was always the appeal of ConQuesT... Leaving aside the all-important aspect of seeing friends, it's a nice, casual, drawn-out sort of affair, and (sort of) in my back yard.

So, I'll be arriving late on Thursday night (not sure how late, really -- after dark, certainly. 8PM would probably be a little optimistic). Anything going on I should know about Thursday night or Friday during the day?
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Douglas Triggs
24 May 2006 @ 02:52 pm
Because work things have been making me frustrated again (damned JavaScript), good dates to look forward to:

June 2nd -- beginning of the College World Series regionals. Rice has been ranked #1 in the country for a while, which doesn't mean much by itself (still gotta win the games), but makes one slightly hopeful.

June 9th (actually, June 12th) -- group play for the World Cup in Germany begins. We're opening against the Czech Republic. We've got a tough group, and likely second place will end up playing Brazil in the first round of elimination play -- so a win would be nice.
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Douglas Triggs
24 May 2006 @ 05:24 pm
"To their knowledge, Ebbesmeyer and Ingraham are the only people on the
planet who keep tabs on the world's flotsam, which at the moment also
includes more than 30,000 Nike running shoes, 34,000 hockey gloves, 5
million lost Legos, and a number of onions."

Gotta wonder how long onions last floating around in the ocean. :)

[I read the article in email, so I don't have a link, but if anybody can find it, I'll link to it.]
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