April 27th, 2006



As if this week couldn't get any more annoying, the accelerator cable snapped in the Civic. I guess I should drive slower.

So, thanks to Wil, the car's been towed to a mechanic, who I shall be visiting tomorrow morning to see what they can do (not my first choice of mechanics, alas, as they're inconveniently on vacation this week -- but there was another machanic down the hill, so we rolled the car down to their parking lot).

Blech. Means I have to walk down to my old apartment to do some packing; if not, I'll be hopelessly behind come Saturday, and while I've lined up help, I don't want to leave much to do for then.

And tomorrow, up early to see the extent of the damage; I was hoping to sleep in a bit, too. Feh.
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