April 26th, 2006



Moving sucks. I'm wiped and sore as hell. And it's not going to let up until (after) this weekend. Feh.

I think I need a rice cooker. Any suggestions for brands/models?
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Party At Doug's Place

I've had the urge to do this for a while, but until now didn't have the means. So this Friday I'm inviting people to come over, at which point I will cook -- and hopefully not poison anyone. Mind you, it'll be spicy, but spicy never killed anyone. So far, anyway.

So... Anybody reading this is invited, but leave a comment if you'd like to come (I've invited five people so far, two are coming, two can't, and one I don't know about). Of course, I can probably only feed so many people, and as always I'm a bit (haha!) short on furniture, but what the hey. I'm honestly not expecting much of a response here (hello people living in Texas, western Massachusetts, central Illinois and other such faraway lands), but don't feel shy if the means avails you.
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