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Douglas Triggs
23 April 2006 @ 12:03 am
(Secret message to Laurel: go crazy!)

Speaking of which (not actually), this thing needs a "now drinking" field.

For the record, a nice Italian pinot grigio, opened on Thursday when Wil helped me move the big stuff (yay bed!), so we had a glass of wine each while standing on the patio and enjoying the weather, and trying to see if we could spot his house from here (the verdict: probably not, the ridge his old house was on most likely blocks it fromo view). Ah, civilization.

This week I was apparently the Italy theme, also opened a chianti to drink with pizza, er, Monday or something. Would have done me for the week, probably, but Wil's more of a reisling guy, so the pinot grigio was something of a comprimise. Plus, the red wine glasses are still at the old apartment, so, well, you didn't hear that I was drinking red wine in them. So there. :-P

Planning to move the kitchen tomorrow, maybe Monday. Perhaps then I'll post another picture. And then you'll find out why my kitchen is scary. :)
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Douglas Triggs
23 April 2006 @ 02:13 pm
Do not click this link.

(Secret message to jariten -- the interesting stuff is on the mid-Atlantic coast.)
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