March 31st, 2006

domo-kun is a viking!

It's True, Livejournal...

...I don't love you. And I'm not particularly sorry about it, either. I'm days and days behind on reading friends' posts, and (gasp) haven't posted in days.

So, some quick updates:

Took possession of the apartment two days early; slept on the air mattress there last night (and it was blissfully quiet. Well, except for my snoring, should there have been snoring, which I can neither confirm nor deny, since I was asleep at the time). The primary drawback, of course, is no internet (and I was unsuccessful at leeching off any of the neighbors' wireless networks as a stop-gap measure, dagnabbit). However, Comcast should be showing up on Tuesday afternoon to remedy that problem (I probably could have scheduled Monday, even, if I'd been a little more proactive, but we do our normal work meeting then, and I want to have a chance to pick up a wireless router to hang off the modem -- my boss has Comcast, so I can look at his setup on Monday, too -- so actually that works fairly well for me).

Speaking of work, I've fallen a bit behind this week, so it looks like I'll be slaving away at it this weekend instead of doing something fun, like spending the entire time packing and lugging crap to the new place.

At some point here, I need to give a shout-out to the boss and my fellow minion and post links to their blogs, but I haven't even set up the syndicated accounts to watch them yet. Sometime this weekend.

Work work work. Then maybe dinner or something social, or failing that, squeezing in a bit of Japanese study. And work work work after that. And gah, look at all this email I have to read.

And no, I don't actually know my address (although I could make a good guess, as I almost do). All the paperwork is back at the new place.
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...Speaking of catching up on email -- today, from Great Moments in Randomly Generated Subject Lines, we have:

"rambling motormouth"

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On the not-so-machine-washable phone --

I'm still putting off getting a new one. Turns out I can, in fact, dial fours on it. I just have to take it apart to do it.
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