March 21st, 2006


(Stolen) Vocabulary List

Something to study this week:

会う、会います「あいます」 - meet
青い「あおい」 - blue, green
赤い「あかい」 - red
明るい「あかるい」 - bright, light
秋「あき」 - autumn
開く、開きます「あきます」 - open [vi]
開ける、開けます「あけます」 - open [vt]
上げる、上げます「あげます」 - give
朝「あさ」 - morning
朝ご飯「あさごはん」 - breakfast
明後日「あさって」 - day after tomorrow
足「あし」 - foot, leg
明日「あした」 - tomorrow
あそこ - over there
遊ぶ、遊びます「あそびます」 - play
温かい「あたたかい」 - warm
頭「あたま」 - head
新しい「あたらしい」 - new
あちら - over there
暑い「あつい」 - hot (as weather)
熱い「あつい」 - hot (thing)
厚い「あつい」 - thick
後「あと」 - after
あなた - you
兄「あに」 - (my) older brother
姉「あね」 - (my) older sister
あの - that
アパート - apartment
浴びる、浴びます「あびます」 - take (as shower)
危ない「あぶない」 - dangerous
あまい - sweet
あまり - not so much
雨「あめ」 - rain
洗う、洗います「あらいます」 - wash
ある、あります - be, have
歩く、歩きます「あるきます」 - walk
あれ - that

Yeah, I know a lot of these. But not all of them. It's possible I botched a couple of the kanji (and some of these are often written in kana-only), but what the hell.
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Some of you might recall stories of the fucktard living upstairs -- a.k.a., noisy fucker.

Well, as my lease is up soon, I went by my apartment office today to (a) tell them I'd have enough (actually, I'd had enough a while back, but hadn't bothered to tell them), and (b) give them notice that I was moving out. I liked them enough (meaning the people in the office, not noisy fucktard) that I was more than willing to talk to them about transerring to another property, but as long as I was moving, I wanted to make certain upgrades (maybe get a little more space, and definitely get washer/dryer hookups). It wasn't just a matter of liking them, of course -- having gone bankrupt a couple of years ago, going through any credit approvals would be kind of a pain (not really that worried, honestly -- worst case, I have enough in the bank just to pay six months in advance or something -- but I'd want to avoid that if possible).

Anyway, turns out there's another section of the complex that has washer/dryers -- and not just hookups (meaning I wouldn't have to shell out another $30-40/month for a rental). So, it looks like I'll just be moving across the complex to get pretty much everything I want (washer/dryer, a little more space, and getting away from noisy fucktard). Mind you, I'm still pissed at noisy fucktard for not being able to just be lazy and stay put, but, well, the move will improve things a bit (and force me to go through my stuff once again to get rid of yet more junk). Of course, it will also probably cost me another $150/month to upgrade (a lot less if I got the same size apartment). But I can afford it.

Third floor this time, dammit.
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