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Douglas Triggs
16 March 2006 @ 10:56 pm
Fine, fine movie. Only the talented directing of William Shatner or Uwe Boll could have made it better. Or perhaps the unparalleled acting of Keanu Reeves. Even the combined talents of John Travolta and Tom Cruise might not have been able to improve on it. Although it probably could have used a few more VIC 20's in the render farm.

Really, this movie was so good that watching it made you want to slit your wrists with the straw from your drink... Only to realize in horror that doing so wouldn't guarantee you'd lose consciousness before the move was over.

It made Battlefield Earth look like high art.

(But remember, she's a monolith, huh!)

Update: enjoy some words about this fine movie from Rotten Tomatoes.
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