March 3rd, 2006

zombie jesus

More Exciting Sick-Blogging Action!

Since, well, I'm sure everyone wants to hear about what a wonderful color I've discovered in my hocked-up phlegm, or... Wow! So that's what a lung looks like on the outside!

But really, I'm reminded of those Betazeds... Hrm, no, I'm confused, yes, that race of shape shifters in that other Star Trek series. Yeah, resting in a bucket makes more sense if you're a shapeshifter. Although I don't remember the bucket ever really being big enough, but then, Renee Aberjornois (or whatever the heck his name was, you know, the guy from Benson, chief of staff or something) was a reasonably thin fellow, so just maybe.

Anyway, I think I need to find a bucket, because I'm very close to being a puddle of formless goo.

So, think healing thoughts for me, because when you're brain's a puddle in a puddle of formless goo, it's hard to think of much of anything.

Oh, the irony of the musical selection. I didn't pick it out special, honest, it just came up.
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    The Cure - Just Like Heaven