February 24th, 2006



LJ'ing drunk... Not really recommended. As I write this, I'm looking at the bottle of cabernet savignon I opened because I wanted to try it, and realize that it's empty. Oops.

I don't remember drinking that much. Usually -- and I'm using that term loosely -- it'll take a couple or three days to finish off a bottle. But clearly, I am reasonably drunk. And pretty happy (yes, proud to say I'm a happy drunk, although it's rare that I put that into practice these days. Unless I'm a depressed drunk. Or both. But never an angry drunk! I've always had this theory that the whole not-particularly-inhibited nature of being drunk is the best way to measure the inner nature of, er, man... When you're drunk, you show your true self. Well, a not-particularly-coordinated version of your true self. But whatever.)

(Aren't parentheticals fun?)

(Secret message to Amy: just caught up with the newsgroup. Congrats! Know what you mean about the whole imposter syndrome thing, since I feel it too at times, but soon -- soon? Soon? Not hardly, already! -- you'll wow them with your awesomeness. Also, I have no clue as to where I find these things. Just a special talent, I guess.)

(It also occurs to me that if I made this an open thread, I'd get eight times the normal comments. What's up with that? Is it a challenge, or what?)
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