January 25th, 2006



Do not be misled by the last couple of entries -- yes, there have been issues, but good things have also been occuring. In particular is one I was holding off on talking about until everything was worked out.

That particular good thing (of course) is job related.

I gave notice at USA.NET yesterday, so in two weeks, I will no longer being doing shift work (not that I really minded shift work, once you get past the fact that I physically couldn't handle overnights. Well, and the fact that neighbors weren't helping. But it did have its advantages). Of course, as some of you may or may not know, I was also doing part time work doing web development. This was good financially, but as you can imagine, it put a lot of stress on time.

Well, I was offered mo' money to go full-time on the web work. It's for a small startup (small meaning that there's two of us doing all the technical work), and the work is fairly exciting (to me anyway). There were, of course, a number of disadvantages doing this -- one, it's less money overall than I was making working both jobs (although it's still significantly more than either one was along). It's for a startup, so the job could dry up at some point should the funding run out (although certainly not immediately with the worst-case scenario I've been given). But the advantages are pretty strong -- one, the stress on my time will ease considerably, and with the flexible hours and such, I'll be able to make 会話/Kaiwa and practice Japanese and generally be social. And, as is always the case with a startup, the upside could be quite substantial -- not to mention that I'll be making enough that between what I already have in the bank and what I can save, I'll have several months (one might even hope six or more) of savings in the bank should the job go away.

All in all, a good opportunity.
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Well, I now have Lightwave for the Mac (version 8.5 -- and incidentally for the PC, but for various reasons, it's better on the Mac, despite the fact that the Mac is 40% slower in actual rendering tests).

But here's a bonus -- Lightwave, despite being "cheap" again, comes bundled with another piece of software called Vue, and it's pretty powerful, not to mention cool (and scriptable). So, without further ado, the first renders (click for larger versions):

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Yes, Steve, this is giving me some interesting ideas (so write a contract! Prod, prod).
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