January 14th, 2006


Nuke 'Em Til They Glow

So, I broke down and bought a microwave. Because, well, despite the fact that I may well be getting rid of it in a few months, right now I can afford the $75 or so it takes to get a moderately decent one. And, well, it will make my life a lot easier, and maybe even healthier.

Because I've decided to go on a full-blown diet. Not a particularly strict one (frex, I'm not going to bother counting calories when doing anything social -- I don't have enough of a social life where that would matter these days), but I'm planning on keeping the freezer full of those god-awful low calorie frozen dinners and a supply of those 100-calorie snacks around. As long as I'm eating crap, I might as well eat low-calorie crap, and these days, I can afford the extra expense (the thing about unhealthy food -- fast food -- is that it's cheap. And easy. Eating healthy isn't really either of those, and especially not both).

Also, I need more exercise (or, really, any). So, I'm intending to start hiking up Green Mountain in the mornings after work again. Did pretty well at that for a while last year, but I've completely fallen out of the habit. As usual, I blame work, and not enough sleep, and funky schedules, and all that crap. Which is all well and good, but I can certainly do better than I have.

I suppose you can consider these resolutions of a sort.
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Expensive Things

So, in a few weeks or so, I'm going to upgrade my PowerBook G4 to at least 1GB of memory (probably 1.25GB, because of the fact that it only seems to have one memory slot, and 768MB wouldn't be worth the money or effort over 512MB).

At the same time, I plan to grab a copy of LightWave3D for the Mac. (Actually, it sorta looks like it's all one package, Mac/PC, so maybe I'd actually be getting both). And when I do that, I'll officially be consigning my old Windows desktops to the bit-bucket in the sky, as the only remaining use I have for either is running LightWave. Of course, when I do that, I'll be clearing off all the (physical) desk space they take up, and I'll be dumping one monitor (an old, old dim 17" CRT) and probably hooking the PowerBook up to the KVM switch that runs into the 21" CRT.

But, eventually I'm going to want to dump that, too, and replace it with a more space-efficient (and much easier to move and/or store) flat panel monitor. I've actually thought about doing that soon (so I can dump the 21" CRT right away, and because I can easily store the monitor for future use). Of course, I'd want to run it through the KVM switch, so that limits my choices for replacements (no Cinema display, because that's DVI only, AFAICT), and it's probably going to cost about $600 for the ones from Dell I've been eyeing (20", although it's the 1600x1200 resolution that's more important to me -- 1680x1050 would be marginal at a little under $500, although 1920x1200 would be acceptable, but almost $900. None of the 19" flat panels seem to go over 1280x1024). Primarily this is going to be for the PowerBook (I don't actually care if the Linux box has a head so much, and the 17" Dell laptop doesn't really need one), so it can run LightWave nicely.

But I dunno. At $600 (or thereabouts), I'm not sure I want to dump the 21" CRT yet. I'll have to think about this.

On the other hand, I've got the budget for all of this, so... But I wonder if prices will drop enough in the next few months to make either (a) waiting and/or (b) getting something higher end would be worthwhile (ala the 24" 1920x1200 at $900). I think I might have a coupon from Dell lying around that might take another 10% or something off the top, but I'll have to see if I can use that.
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...Any suggestions for places to order Mac memory from?

(I think I may just walk into an Apple store and have them install it, but I haven't decided yet.)
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