January 4th, 2006








P.S.: バナニニョスはどこですか?
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Dad Update

Still in Españia. He's been recently spotten in Alcañiz, and might be in Barcelona by now, and by all reports is still figuring out how he's going to make it to Sicilia.
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Today Is A Day

Today started off well, as I induced the worst case of road rage I've ever seen.

I merged into a tight gap in the right lane so I could make my exit (admittedly, not a particularly cool thing to do, but the exit was coming up soon and my options were fairly limited) in front of a truck with Texas plates. Which would have been the end of it, under normal circumstances, but it was one of those annoying exits where people are merging on while you're trying to get off, and apparently the truck really, really wanted to cut me off for that exit as I was avoiding someone merging on. Which I didn't let him do (because, if I had, I would have missed the exit completely), and that's when he really got pissed and decided to sit on the horn for a while (like, duh, why do you think I was merging right? So I could exit, dumbass). Well, f*ck you, motherf*cker. I know that they don't know how to use turn signals in Texas (or at least in Houston, where they are universally interpreted as the international sign for "please cut me off"), so you seeing mine probably confused you since you didn't know what it was, but this is Colorado. Learn how to interpret them.

Of course, his full-on case of road rage was enough that he decided to follow me for a while up Wadsworth, pulling into the lane next to mine so he could roll down his window and shout at me (what did you want to do? Pull over so we could tussle? F*ck that, I've got more important things to do today). Hell, I considered calling 911 on him -- I had the phone out -- he seemed so out of control, but eventually he turned off and went wherever the hell he went, hopefully to cool off. God help him if he ever drives in Chicago or DC, he'd probably spontaneously combust after a week of driving there.

On the good side, I did pick up a copy of Katamari Damacy. Thought about picking up We Love Katamari, too, but don't know much about it (anyone recommend? Or against?)
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