December 29th, 2005

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Some Things I'm Thinking About

First off... Does anybody know of decent newsreaders for the Mac? I suppose I could use Thunderbird, but I already use the Mac email program (and I have no intention of switching at this point), and I'd prefer something dedicated and more lightweight (of course, on the plus side, Thunderbird does have a really slick icon, and would look nice next to the Firefox icon. And maybe I could get that RSS reader thingy, too, with the cool owl icon, though I forget the actual name at this exact moment).

Here's why -- right now, I pull all my mail down on all three of my active boxes, the Linux server and my laptops. I'm planning on going Mac-only (well, more or less) for mail. Thunderbird on the PC mostly pulls down things I need for the side programming work, I don't care if it has everything, as I've taken to using the Mac mail client (almost) exclusively for actually composing mail. Right now, news is set up on the Dell under Thunderbird, but I don't like the interface all that much (not that it's terrible, really), and I've got mail and news globbed together on my Linux box with Gnus. I suppose I could just turn off the mail portion (those files are simply going to be dumped onto the Mac, they're all flat files so they'll still be easy enough to find) and continue using the Linux server for news, which in some ways is convenient (it's the only box that's connected to the internet when I'm at work, so that's when I use it), but eventually the whole box will be retired if I, you know, move anywhere interesting.

Speaking of which, I'm considering buying the new version of LightWave 3D -- this time, for the Mac. The price is damned reasonable (under $800), and I can afford it, and that will allow me to permanently pack up my Windows desktops, which at this point have no other use whatsoever (and only one of them at that). Then, I can use the (physical) deskspace to hook the 15" PowerBook up to the 21" monitor for a reasonable amount of (virtual) desktop space, and sometime down the road, replace that with a cinema display after I, you know, move anywhere interesting and dump all of those big heavy CRT monitors.

Mind you, a G4 isn't the best chip for that sort of thing, but it should be adequate (it's faster than what I'm using now), and anyway, someday if I had good reason, I could upgrade onto a bigger box. Of course, I don't know how solid LightWave is on the Mac -- but on the other hand, it was always kinda touchy on the PC side, too, so I don't know that it could be worse on that count.
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Hardware Neep

Thinking of getting another 80GB USB drive. Backing up both laptops (each with their own 80GB drive) is, ah, straining the current 80GB drive's capacity.

Probably going to get another GB of memory for the Dell. It's struggling as a database development box with only 512MB of memory right now. Unfortunately, it's already got two 256MB DIMMS, so if I just got another 512MB of memory, it would then only have 768MB, which probably isn't worth the cost -- might as well go to 1.25GB total (since it only costs about twice as much to add 150% as it does to add 50%). Anybody need a 256MB DIMM for their Dell laptop? No? Yeah, I suppose you'd have to have a pretty pathetic configuration for that to do much good.

Okay, maybe "probably" was a poor choice of words -- I just finished ordering them.

Along those lines, thinking of upgrading the PowerBook to 1GB as well. Especially if I get Lightwave -- maybe next month.
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Oh, The Meme

Via jimmy_hollaman:

Ask me four questions -- any four questions, no matter how personal, private or random. I must answer them honestly and answer them all. In return you must post this message in your own journal and you must answer the questions that are asked to you.

[Of course, if push comes to shove, I'm sure that I can interpret that in such a way whereby no one can actually SEE the answer, but...]
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