December 9th, 2005

head shot

Random Travel Notes

Hell remains other people's children. But, thankfully, hell quieted down before we left the terminal.

Related to that, everything is better with an iPod.

I think this was the first time I've ever flown without a book... And definitely the first time I've flown with DVDs. I didn't break them out, though, I was tired and the iPod entertained me. I did, however, break out the PowerBook here to jot down a couple of notes -- the 12" is small enough that it's actually usable during a flight. Nice.

It's been almost three years since I've flown anywhere -- and things have changed a bit. Not a lot, but a bit. The crazy digital check-in thing was actually kind of nice once I got over it being different... It's probably the reason why the line was so quick, I'd guess, and that's certainly a welcome change.

Some things haven't changed -- United was over an hour late.

And that's it for now from Houston.
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