December 7th, 2005

head shot

"Year In Review"

Stolen (and slightly modified) from kyaathecatlord: Go to your Calendar and find the first entry for each month in 2005, then post the first sentence of it in your journal.

Okay, we've got:

Jan: Has it been that long? (Yes, it had.)
Feb: Slid off the side of the driveway into a ditch at the old house. (Ah, good times, good times.)
Mar: I present my black '98 Honda Civic Type-R: (And yes, I still have it, so to speak.)
Apr: Picked it up this morning from the FedEx shipping center. (It was an iPod.)
May: So today, for the first time (well, the second, but I wasn't actually serious about fixing it the first time), I tried to get DVDs to play properly on the laptop. (Isn't Windows fun?)
Jun: What the heck is an SBC van doing in Colorado? (Still don't know.)
Jul: Blah, blah, blah... (Yes.)
Aug: 僕の日本語はまだとてもだめですよ。 (Nothing much has changed.)
Sep: So, some number crunching. (And they tasted great!)
Oct: Grave of the Fireflies... (Watched it at work.)
Nov: From the NOAA FAQ. (Blowing stuff up!)
Dec: Since I'm the person who dragged him into the LiveJournal world, I think it's only fair that I introduce ricekicker to the community at large. (He's not dead yet!)
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It's nice to know that I'll be getting notifications for all of the people who commented on my posts and comments... Weeks ago. At least none of it was lost, you know.

(Still getting random batched of old notifications as we speak.)
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Amazing Factoid

Oakland was not called for a penalty Sunday night in their game against San Diego.

I don't know about hell, but it sure is cold here.
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