December 3rd, 2005



An extraordinarily annoying couple of days at work. Fortunately, only tomorrow left (and Saturdays are almost invariably quiet, and when they're not, it's system stuff and not annoying customers and/or customer service people and/or people who might be reading this entry). And next week, two days (taking Tuesday off -- whee, I can go to 会話 -- and Friday and Saturday I'll be in Houston).

And, of course, it was a mess driving home. Not too dangerous yet, just messy. It would have sucked if I'd been going home a couple of hours later, though.

Haven't had time to play with the Mac much. Want to, but other things have higher priority. At some point, though, I imagine I'll be moving a lot of my other work onto this box, because I'm starting to think it will make a very good development box. I just wish it had more resolution -- this 1024x768 thing kinda sucks, and makes it feel like a toy. It's the only major complaint I have, though, and knew that going in. C'est la vie.
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apple basic


So, I was using the PowerBook as background music here at work, but this last time when I got a call and paused iTunes, it stopped making any noise at all when I started it up again. No music, no interface beeps, no nothing. Took a full reboot to get it back.

Is this a known issue of some sort, or am I just really, really lucky?
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