November 22nd, 2005



So, I'd been thinking about getting a 12" PowerBook (since, surprisingly, it looks like I'll actually have the budget for it). I've been thinking that I wanted one for quite a while -- it'd be a decent UNIX laptop, and the 12" form factor makes it a nice opposite to my current 17" monster.


Just out of curiousity, I was comparing it to the 12" Windows boxes... It actually compares fairly well there (much better than the other Macs in the PowerBook line). It's only about 20% more expensive than a more or less equivalent Windows box (as opposed to approaching 100% for the top-of-the-line), it's only a tad heavier (not enough to make a difference when both are well under five pounds), but the one area it comes up short is the one area I consider most critical -- the display. I was looking at one in one of the local Mac stores we have here, and I just wasn't impressed. The other PowerBooks got much needed upgrades recently; more resolution, brighter screens -- at least the 17" got a brighter screen, not sure about the 15". They actually look pretty good. The 12" -- not so much. It didn't get upgraded at all -- same fairly pathetic 1024x768, not very bright or sharp, nor with a particularly wide viewing angle.

Of course, I'm not going to buy a 12" Windows box. I've already got a perfectly functional Wintel laptop. But... Despite now being able to afford it, I'm rethinking getting a Mac laptop, too. The 15" (and especially the 17") is just ridiculously expensive for what you get (and doesn't have the advantage of being "pocket-sized" like the 12"), but the bottom line is that the 12" just wasn't impressing me. I dunno, it's going to be a couple of weeks before I decide, anyway, and I'll probably go look at one again when I have some time to think about it. I was in a hurry when I was looking at it, really.

One thing though -- there's no point in buying a Mac online; they charge the same sales tax I'd pay by walking into a local Mac shop and buying one on the spot. Unless you can get it etched or something, like with my iPod. (I don't actually know, though it'd be cool if you could.)
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