October 28th, 2005


Things, Not Necessarily Of Note

Went from zero to insomniac yesterday in 0.0 seconds. Very annoying. I made it up today, though, with thirteen hours in bed. Of course, I was only solidly asleep for the first nine of those; after that, I was just being lazy. Overall, this is a very annoying development -- sleeping in the daytime is a fundimentally unstable arrangement for me, but I'd managed to keep it under control for the last month or so. This obviously means the control is slipping, and that's not a good thing. I'm hoping to get off the shift temporarily to give myself a break, sleep-wise, as even under the best of circumstances I'm still tired working at night.

I desperately need a haircut. Either that, or I need to decide that I'm going to let my hair grow long again. Right now it's just that ultra-moppy tweener length that isn't good for anybody, and lousy for doing Cousin It impressions, besides.
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...I've noticed lately that an awful lot of my LJ entries start with "so..."

Sō ne? Boku wa "sō" ga suki desu ne?
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